Kimiko Raiden

The youngest daughter of the Raiden family


Points: 296

Body: 4
Mind: 9
Soul: 5

HP: 65
EP: 140
Shock: 23

Administration 3 (M) (3pts)
Area Knowledge 1 (M) (1pts)
Computers 3 (M) (6pts)
Domestic Arts 2 (M,S) (2pts)
Electronics 6 (M) (12pts)
Etiquette 3 (Upper Class) (M) (3pts)
Gaming 1 (M,S(B)) (1pts)
Law 1 (M) (1pts)
Mechanics 2 (M) (4pts)
Occult 3 (6pts)
Physical Sciences 3 (Physics) (M) (3pts)
Police Sciences 1 (Magical Crime) (M) (2pts)

15pts – Extra Action 1
6pts – Ranged Attack (electricity) 2
6pts – Ranged Defense (electricity) 2
8pts – Massive Damage (electricity) 2
36pts – Power Flux (Electricity Control) 4 (Backlash+, Equipment)
2pts – Sixth Sense (electricity)
10pts – Energy Bonus 5

-2pts – Special Requirement 1
-2pts – Red Tape 2
-1pts – Less Capable (immune system)
-4pts – Reduced Damage (melee/muscle only)


     The youngest daughter of the Raiden family, and Arcturius’ Younger half-sister by three years. She appears as a cute yet frail young girl with pale skin and straight black hair. She is rather short for her age, and very skinny. She has a very polite and friendly personality, and maintains an optimistic attitude, despite her poor physical health. She is a genius with electricity and the application of her family’s magic, and as a result, has a deep fascination with electronics, and is often seen playing or tinkering with some for of electronic device.

      Her body is weak and frail, and she gets sick often. As a result she is not considered fit to learn the martial arts that are a tradition in her family. On the other hand, her genius with electricity and magic makes her a natural prodigy when it comes to the magic that is her family’s signature. Despite being three years younger than him, she is considered to have already caught up to, or possibly even surpassed, her half-brother Arcturius in terms of pure magical ability, and she is known to be very creative in her application of this magic.

     As she is not yet old enough to attend Omoikane Academy like her brother, she is still attending a normal middle school, where she must still hide the existence of her magic from her classmates, though her skill with electronics and being from a rich family still causes her to stand out somewhat amongst her peers.

Kimiko Raiden

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