Junction of Worlds

Turkquoise's Beginning

Main Story: session 1.2

     Team QRTZ was training after school hours in Beacon's training arena, preparing for the Vytal Festival Tournament, when they were approached by Ms. Goodwitch. She was there to send them out on a mission. The security network in the Emerald Forest had been experiencing some problems recently, so several teams of students were sent out to investigate the cause and facilitate any necessary repairs, if possible.

     The mission was going well at the beginning. However, as the team was patrolling along the edge of one cliff, Turk noticed some movement amongst the trees. As he warned the rest of his team, they began to see some distinctive red eyes glaring at them from the bushes. The Grimm then attacked all at once. It was a fairly large swarm. At first, they were just fighting Creeps and Beowolves, relatively easy to deal with, but soon, some slightly more troublesome opponents emerged. First, Turk found himself being charged by a Boarbatusk, which dealt a fairly solid hit, and nearly knocked Turk over the edge of the cliff. He dealt with this opponent rather well, however, using the Boarbatusk's own weight against the other Grimm, literally. He picked his opponent up by the tusks, using it as a weapon against its fellow Grimm. The fight ended, however, when a large Ursa tried to hit the party with a ground pound attack, but accidently caused the section of cliff they were fighting on to collapse.

     The team was able to employ their usual landing strategies to land safely, but this led to them all being split up. Turk had used his anchor and chain to swing himself over to a nearby pond, where he was able to use the water to cushion his fall. However, simply because he landed safely did not mean that he was safe. Just as he was climbing out of the water, several more Grimm, some of which were even larger than the ones he had faced with his team moments ago, emerged from the forest around him. Turk saw that there were some ruins built in to the cliff wall behind him and decided to head that way, planning to lure the Grimm into a trap. He planted several of his exploding arrows at the base of the stairs and, after running part way up the stairs, he waited for some Grimm to reach the arrows before detonating them. He then ran up to the top, where the entrance to the ruins was. There he saw an odd looking stone door. Suddenly, right as he started moving towards it, the door began to open, and on the other side stood a man in a suit…


I used a lot of stuff from the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse game in this session. I’m not so sure that I will continue to do so in the future.

Turkquoise's Beginning
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