Junction of Worlds

Shimazu's Beginning

Main Story: session 1.1

     After watching a round of the advancement rank wars, agent Shimazu was scheduled to go out on defense duty. Things started out fairly peaceful, with no trespassing civilians to report. However, near the end of his shift, the alarms for gate activity sounded, amd two gates opened up just down the street from Shimazu. From these gates, six Trion soldiers emerged. Four of them were the standard Marmods, but the other two were a new type that Shimazu had never seen before. They looked like Bamsters whose tails and necks had been stretched out so that they looked more like a brontosaurus.

     After reporting what he saw and receiving confirmation that another team was on its way to provide backup, agent Shimazu moved to a concealed position. He waited long enough for the enemy to split its forces into two groups before engaging one of them. He fired a volley of Viper bullets from cover before moving stealthily relocating to another position. He repeated this tactic a few times, but the enemy seemed to be getting wise to his plan, and it became more and more difficult to deal serious damage. Seeing this, Shimazu broke cover and fired a more powerful Asteroid volley, hoping to deal some damage through brute force. While this plan did have some effect, it also left him exposed and the enemy Trion soldiers charged. The Marmods kept him suppressed, while the slower new type moved in to land a sweeping blow with its long neck. This attack sent him flying backwards, and he only noticed a moment too late that it was sending him flying into the gate, which was still open.

     Fortunately for Shimazu, damaging the new Trion soldier, who had been generating the portal, had caused the gate to malfunction. When he made it to the other side, rather that landing in the middle of the enemy base, as had been planned, he landed in the middle of a field some distance away. The enemy had traced the location of his landing site, however, and was already dispatching a group of flying Trion soldiers to capture him. Seeing these flyers inbound, Shimazu decided to take cover in some nearby ruins. 

     At the entrance to these ruins stood an odd looking, intricately carved door. The writing on the door morphed into English when Shimazu looked at it, and revealed some vague prophetic-sounding poem that seemed almost as if it were about Shimazu himself. Paying little mind to the prophecy, he opened the door. Inside, he found himself someplace rather different than he was expecting…


For future reference: Shimazu’s character was re-made after this with somewhat different abilities. Therefore, some abilities mentioned in this entry are no longer a canonical part of Shimazu’s skill set.

Shimazu's Beginning
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